[NSFW] In this skill-based dildo-throwing political-phallic art-game, you must clog up the mouth of the impossibly dickheaded dickhead to save the world. His mouth just won't stop spewing dickheaded things, so you'll just have to plug it up. Watch out for his sticky tweets!

WARNING: Not suitable for kids, "respectable" workplaces, family gatherings, and religious gatherings. Streamers: This game goes full screen, even in the web version when you click in it.

I made this game for So Bad It's Good Jam 2020, a game jam that challenges you to intentionally make a game that is so bad, that it is good. The theme modifier is Impossible.  A certain dickheaded dicktator finds it impossible to shut up or stop tweeting. Help him on the nearly impossible task, using your arsenal of unlimited rainbow dildos.


ActionControlsAlternate Controls
MoveLeft/Right Arrows
A/D keys
JumpUp Arrow
W key, or Spacebar, or Right Click
ThrowLeft Click
Hold Left Mouse Button for automatic fire
  1. Throw dildos into the dickhead's mouth.
  2. Maintain 5+ dildos in the dickhead's mouth for 10 seconds (cumulative) to gag him for good.
  3. Avoid his tweets - they're sticky and will obstruct visibility.
  4. It may seem impossible, but don't give up. Focus and aim. The happy ending is worth it.

"So Bad" Features

  1. A deep mix of political and phallic content! Snowflakes included!
  2. Porno-style music and sounds!
  3. Ultra-realistic floppy-dildo physics!
  4. EPIC "Comic Sans-Serif" font usage!
  5. Real Twitter content from a real dickhead (refreshed every 5 minutes)!
  6. Unity shader error color prominently featured!
  7. Game-as-art & art-as-game!
  8. Features the viral "Suck my dick and choke on it. I yield my time. Fuck you!" audioclip of Jeremy Frisch, used in the wrong context in this game.
  9. A happy ending (explosive even)!
  10. An end screen that doesn't make sense on macOS because I'm just way too lazy to make a mac end screen.

Third-Party Attributions:
Music: Too Sexy by Sascha Ende; Love by Rafael Krux;  (Creative Commons 4.0 License) |  Sound Effects:  Female-Orgasm Fake.wav sound effect by Vampirella17 (CC0); High Score Fill - Ascending Slow by TheAtomicBrain (CC0); Pew Pew & Pew Pew 2 by OBXJohn (CC0); Airhorn by jacksonacademyashmore (CC0); Gagging by chestnutjam (CC0)


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Windows 37 MB
macOS 38 MB


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Nice work Andy.


Very well put together


I agree about everything in description and game it self, beautiful




my eyes are burning

nice game tho


amazing game!!!!


i played the game and it was really fun and interesting to play. i do not care about politics so thats not why i played it. it was a weird fun game to play. it would help alot of you could check out my channel and share and if you want to by subscribing!


Thank you for playing!!


yeah it was really fun and different😂😂


Haha what a bizarre, bizarre game! I like the idea though. Takes a fair while to download (but that could be my internet connection). My only feedback would be to make it a smaller file. 


drumpf bad!1!1!! Got'em


fuck trump


i didn't know dildos and trump worked so well together thematically 10/10


Solid Gameplay, but you missed the opportuity to call your game "Dildonald": 0/7



This game is awesome LMFAO


i fucking love this game. its so fun and wonderful


OMG !!! I love this game, everything is perfect <3


it is cathartic to play through this game and finally make him shut up for once.