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3D zero-G jetpack brawler. Moon Mice are raiding your space station to scavenge and steal parts. Good thing you are a mean old space cat who won't back down.

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Made for A Game By Its Cover Game Jam #AGBIC. Inspired by the Far Above The Moon cartridge by Daruma Studios. I ran out of time at the end, so: the later levels may be a bit daunting; death isn't really handled, so don't die (run out of oxygen, or lose hull integrity); and I had just started on the building upgrades feature; the text of the levels was banged out in the last few minutes and is crummy. I'll continue work on this game more after some sleep.


Look: Move Mouse
Thrust: WASD, Q (up) and E (down)
Slow Down: Hold Spacebar
Pounce: Get close to a moon mouse until you see the red circular reticle. Then hold down left mouse button. Or simply run into a moon mouse.
Repair: Get close to a damaged space station part until you see the green wrench reticle. Then hold down the left mouse button.
Menu / Build Upgrades: Escape


Draconian Taste music by David Fau Casquel (Creative Commons 3.0). Whale Scream music by David Fau Casquel (Creative Commons 3.0). Multi Punch sound by Shikamarunara74 (CC3). Cat Sounds sound by Hamface (CC Sampling+). Cat Meow sound by tuberatanka (CC0). Duct Tape Unroll sounds by AlaskaRobots (CC0). Misc Sci-Fi textures from http://gametextures.com. Earth and moon maps from NASA.

Tools Used: Unity 5, Blender, Substance Painter, Gimp, Pages, Audacity.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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FarBeneathTheStars.zip 115 MB
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