Mac build & development timelapse video available!

[UPDATE: I've removed the macOS build. It doesn't seem to work on others' macs. This is a problem with the recent versions of Unity engine.]

Happy Holidays!! A macOS build of Gingerbread House Decorator is now available for download.

Also, for those curious on how the game is made, you can see my development timelapse video here. The game was pretty much done in under 3 hours, until I decided that I needed a title screen, which then needed an internal save/load feature for gingerbread houses, and way too much nitpickiness on the layout of the text on the title screen. Thus it ended with 11 hours!


Mac 25 MB
Dec 26, 2020
Windows 24 MB
Dec 26, 2020

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Hmmm. The Mac build doesn't seem to work when downloaded on my wife's Macs. No idea why.