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hi andyman404,i like your game and this is the video that i make.

stay tune for part 2.^-^and im so sorry i just right 1 link and it's post 3 videos.and it's suitable for kids. Im make this creature looks like a tree

Thanks for playing!

Can you change the image for configuration window? I can't scroll down any further plus the window is not resizeable at all :( 

Oh strange! I've never seen it do that before. The joys of gaming on Linux, right? :)


Haha... most game just refuse to run on Linux (either game devs forgot to test or my low end hardware is to blame) but for slight strange behaviors like yours I can figure out how to run it. I hit Alt+O for OK button.


This game was fun! My partner and I played this game together and she had a blast creating our cupcake. We thought it was super cute that your mom was encouraging you to go out and become the best cupcake you can be! 

Anyone who is reading this, if you have kids, especially little ones, this game is fun way to get into platformers because the difficulty is not bad. 

Thank you for playing and making a video!

I played your game and fun. 

(Skip to 17:04)


Hey! I played your game and made a video :) We didn't realise how long ago this was uploaded, but hopefully will see more from you again :)

Thanks for the fun game!

Thank you for playing and making a video! That was an amazing 7-candle cupcake at the end!


I'm sure you made Jupiter Hadley smile with this little entry for her Birthday Jam, it's a really cute little game. :) It was always a delight to see how the cupcake buddy would look after a playthrough - and thanks to the great background music it was a nice fit to the Music Video (Game) Jam 2017 as well. <3 A sweet experience, which made me hungry! :D I wrote a little article about your game and also uploaded a playthrough video of it. <3 Thanks for your work! GET ALL THE SPRINKLES!

Best wishes,

This game is BEYOND cute! My only wish is that it was longer or more developed! We loved the music and found ourselves smiling a lot while playing it. We'd love to see more from you!

We made a video for our channel documenting the fun time we had!

Thanks for the video!