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Y'all never gonna make a part 2, its been 2 years

Sorry. Been busy making a ton of other games. But I definitely want to return to this someday though, especially since there is so much interest, and my skills have improved.


I <3 your games



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I need part 2!

when r u makin part 2??


Cool game :)


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for what this was, this was a very fun experience! i hope you get to continue and finish this project!

i need to see the rest of this

this is like a fever dream

It was beautiful, I want to find my twin!

Thanks! Someday I'll continue working on this game. We had a whole 5 chapter story outline written during the game jam where we made the game.

nooo my twin 😭👃

please finish this

holy cow


WHEN ARE U MAKING A PART 2?????????????

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plz release part 2 soon

best game ever!

this is so cute and amazing i love this so far! can't wait to see the continuation 


plz continue it. I really like it and want to see what happens next

this is awesome!!


It was fun while it lasted T_T please make a part 2!


I cant wait for the next part!


Awesome. For the time of a game jam, the graphics and models, the way it plays out, sound effects, aesthetically is very nice. It's a funny concept. I am looking forward to see this game get continued.


hey there! i want to see it continued too! nice to see so many others supporting this games development.


pls continue


please continue


Epic and Pog


Please continue this amazing game! Many people would be very grateful if you did!


Please continue it. I love it :]

great game

omg pls continue great game, great controls the only thing I don't like is you cant control the camera

pls make a part 2 

Homer's The Odyssey has NOTHING on this.

plese update plese

Time To Speedrun

This is an amazing game and I NEED MORE

Nice game I played this on my laptop.

i want MORE!!!

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imagine our socks going through this just get stomped on

I must find my twin!!!

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