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Could be interesting to add the need of typing of the correct word to kill the incorrect ones (or to make a powered hit)?

Something like Kratos' (God-of-War) or Kenshirō (PS1's Hokuto no Ken: Seiki Matsukyu Seishi Densetsu) final-killing hits.


Holy heck this is madness for a 48 hour jam. Awesome work, the concept's really cool and fun!


Great idea and a good implementation. Really useful to brush up on English spelling. :) 

Thank you for the video!

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(Gameplay video below but first a mini-review)

I'm late with this video/mini-review, sorry! D:

This game was actually a nice change of pace from the kind of games I've played in the past. Wish it was a bit longer and more variety in the words seen throughout the town but for what it is, it's not too bad.

To be honest, it's a kind of game if I was a teacher for English, I'd have them play this game :D Which is good because all games should be educational and a learning experience for everyone :)

Thanks for the video & suggestions!

You are very welcome! Can’t wait to see more from you :)


I had just won a shootout with NECESARY and then SUPRISE came out of nowhere and shot me in the back. Just brilliant!

That's epic!! Thanks for sharing!


This is really cool and makes me realize I'm not as good at spelling as I thought I was :)

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Thank you for the video! You have a good eye for the misspelled words!


Really clever game, great job!

It doesn't work for me,not opening at all!

Are you on mac Catalina?

No,windows 7....64bit

Good to know! Sorry, I don't have Windows 7 and can't support it. Even Microsoft has stopped supporting it just yesterday. Are you stuck having to use Windows 7 because of a very old computer? Have you tried Windows 10 yet?

Please be safe! Without additional security patches/updates from Microsoft, Windows 7 is going to be a death trap, especially if you're downloading random games from the internet with it.

OH,Actually it's a big deal for me to install a new windows...Because all the drivers and programs...I have to re-install it all!

Do you have anything that would help me with that?


awesome work, man! 100% not bad stuff


love this game!

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fun idea

Thank you for the video!!