Post-submission build with camera control settings

To accommodate players with varying mouse sensitivity settings or who may be using trackpads, trackballs, or joysticks, I've added a settings menu to Tumbleweed Typo Hunter that lets you customize the camera controls. Now you can change the camera sensitivity, toggle camera smoothing, and invert the camera control axes to your liking.

Changes/Fixes in the Post-Submission build (v1.0.3):

  • Added a settings menu where you can adjust the camera sensitivity options and camera control settings.
  • Fixed the issue with some words appearing on the roof of buildings rather than on the ground.
  • Fixed location of welcome sign in West Wanton so that it doesn't intersect with a building.


Windows (Post-submission fixes + camera sensitivity settings) 35 MB
Jan 13, 2020
Mac (Post-submission fixes + camera sensitivity settings) 38 MB
Jan 13, 2020

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