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got any way to play on cardboard or ps4? my son and daughter are autistic but love the “goggles” and this seems perfect to not give them like sensory overload. in color blind so i will just assume it is beautiful and give you a hug. well done.

No sorry - I'm unable to support cardboard or PS4. However, it should run on pretty much any PC desktop VR headset or standalone Oculus Quest 1 or 2 though. If you don't have a gaming desktop, then I'd recommend finding a used Quest 1, which would open up a lot of free games for your kids via Sidequest. If you do have a gaming desktop, then a cheap way to get a desktop VR system is to buy an old used HTC Vive or Oculus Rift online.


This looks so cool. I don't have a VR device, so gotta ask, is there a non-VR version at all?

Regardless, loving the art style. Good luck with the project.


Thanks! Sorry, I have no plans to make a non-VR version at this time, but I'll try to make some videos so that people who do not have VR yet can see what they're missing! :)

Good use of the word "yet". I actually really want VR, but mostly for design purposes. Will defo check this game out when I can.

Hi! Looks cool. Are you gonna put this game on Sidequest?