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When I move out, I hope I, too, can have a million big burly bug boys to help me. ;{)

Thank you for playing and making a video!

My pleasure man! You've got some bangers under your belt!

I guess animating each of those ants was quite longer than recording the trailer? Ants smehow sound rare in games so far, in a positive way :-)


Amazing concept and execution. I did break the last level, when I accidentally took one painting so far right that neither the cursor nor the camera would allow me to send some ants to get it back. So I only got 2/3 paintings, and I wasn't going to spend another 45 minutes replaying everything, but the forward slash allowed me to see the victory screen at least. This is very funny and endearing.


Really fun game! I really enjoyed toying with the physics of how the ants get to places or carry things, or just try to let them flow like liquid, but also don't behave like liquid at all. The mechanics are easy to pick up but I found it difficult to get the ants to do what I wanted them to, or how I expected them to act, physics-wise. But I guess the game is designed that way, so I'll enjoy it as it is! I didn't quite finish the game, because I accidentally hit ESC on the last level, and I didn't know there was a Level Skip button. Oops! Anyway, great game!

Please check out the video and my channel: VladMan. Thank you!!

Thank you for the video!!


This is pretty great. Very unique gameplay. Would love to see more.


Thank you Rob!!

This game is amazing.  The simple act of moving the ants is sooo satisfying and I feel like the core idea has real legs.  Well done =)

With the amount of objects you've got running around, I'm guessing this is using the DOTS framework?

Thanks! Yes it's using Unity's DOTS framework and the DOTS Havoc physics for more stability with the collisions. 

Nice.  How many agents are running at one time?

There are 1000 ants on each level, but it could probably handle more without much problem.

Cool =)

I've used DOTS a couple of times based on tutorials on YouTube (CodeMonkey for example), do you have anyone on YT or anywhere else that you'd recommend for up to date tutorials on DOTS?

Up to date? Sadly, no. I learned my DOTS in a course on Udemy (here) when it was on sale, but the course was already out of date by the time it launched. It allowed me to learn the underlying fundamentals of it though.

ECS/DOTS has been so troublesome this way.  I think it still has a heck of a long way to go before it can replace the simplicity of normal Unity stuff with regards to physics. A simple one line collision check in normal Unity physics can take dozens of lines inside of ECS/DOTS. Procedurally adjusting colliders in DOTS physics is like trying to figure out a cryptic magical incantation, with the current scarcity of examples/documentation. Don't even get me started with scripting triggers in DOTS physics. Unless you really want/need to use it now, I'd recommend waiting a bit longer, at least until they have everything out of preview.


Weirdly, I love the concept and think it would make for a great game once everything gets refined.

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Thanks for playing!

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i love the ant art heist! :)


The game is rly fun with great gameplay


This is really cool! I love the mechanic of moving all those ants around. That level with the lasers is REALLY hard.

Thanks! Heh you made it to the Heist level aready? I didn't get to test the Heist level before submitting - it requires some deep strategy, dexterity, and patience to get across.

Hint: Make little towers of standing ants, higher than the low lasers, and pass the painting across the towers using a separate group of ants. Keep in mind that the ants respawn at the start point if they get lazed.

Cheat key: forward slash to skip to next level.

oh that cheat is helpful :D .