You are Liko the Louse. Prophecy foretells of "The Great Bleaching", a cataclysmic event that occurs when the roots of the hair are a different color, as tall as a louse house. Embark on an epic quest to save your village from uncertain doom.

Note: We only made the first chapter for the game, so when you reach the signpost pointing to "Dandruff Trail", then you've made it... for now. If there is overwhelming demand in the comments, we might continue with the next chapter.

Global Game Jam: We made this game in 48 hours at Global Game Jam Honolulu 2023. The theme was "Roots". We interpreted this as the undyed roots of the hair showing, and explored what it would be like to live as lice on the head, soon to experience the "Great Bleaching".


Andrew Wang: 3D art/characters, Unity -
William Guthrie: Sound Design -
Mike Briedegam: Music -
FirahFabe: Audio Implementer -

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Authorsandyman404, Mike Breidegam Audio, WGuthrieAudio, FirahFabe
TagsCute, Episodic, Low-poly, Short

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