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[REQUIRES VR] Grow your flock of fluffy cloud sheep in this stress-free VR relaxation game. Herd your sheep from cloud to cloud by flapping your hand fans.

Made in 3 days for Godot XR Game Jam. Theme: vapor. I interpreted this to be a game set in the clouds, with fluffy sheep made of clouds, and light airy controls. This is the second game I've ever made with Godot.


LocomotionHold the side-grip button to grab the world and pull yourself in a direction.
Best played standing up in a large open space away from walls.
Herding w/ hand fans
Herd your sheep to eat cloud grass by flapping your hand fans to push nearby sheep with wind. The faster your flap, the harder the wind will be.
Grow the flock
Sheep will grow bigger every time they touch/eat a piece of cloud grass. After 4 pieces of grass, the sheep will give birth to a new cloud lamb that rapidly grows into a mature cloud sheep.
Sheep respawnDon't worry if a sheep falls off a cloud. If you can't blow it back upwards, it will eventually respawn at the starting cloud.

Third-Party Attributions:
Music: Rain by Meydän (CC-BY 4.0).
Sound Effect: Sheep sounds by michaelperfect (CC-BY 4.0)


Meta Quest 94 MB
Windows OpenXR 43 MB

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