A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Use your x-ray glasses to check under the passengers' clothing for prohibited items at a strange concourse of the airport. You'd be surprised at what you find!

Made in ~60 hours for GDL February 2018 Jam and FigJam. Themes are: Change of Perspective and Hidden Secrets respectively, so I made a game where you find hidden things (prohibited items) using something that changes your perspective (x-ray glasses).

Survive a week on the job of a security agent in the year 2025. Keep the threat level low by arresting passengers who are in possession of prohibited items. Don't let them leave the concourse. If the threat level maxes out, then all is lost. On the other hand, don't arrest the wrong passengers - you'll be fired after 3 false arrests.


MoveWASD or Arrow Keys
Look Around
Move Mouse
ArrestLeft Click with reticle on a traveler
Cheat key to skip to next level
/ (forward slash key)

Note: The humans in this game are procedurally generated and entirely random in skin color and gender spectrum, and entirely independent of who is in possession of prohibited items.

Tools: Unity, Blender, Gimp, Substance Painter

Third Party Attributions

Music: Improbable by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) CC-BY 3.0

Items hidden on the travelers from Google Poly: (CC-BY) Fish, Crawfish, Lighter, Hand Grenade, Bomb, Knife, Crayon, Butterfly, Coin, Hamster, Earthworm, Snake, Grasshopper, Nunchucks,Rubber Duck

Icons: Baggage, Ground Transportation, Arrow by Niklas Bäversten (CC-BY)

Published 20 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Tagsairport, Comedy, detection, Funny, hidden, secrets, x-ray


concourse_xray_v1.0.0_win.zip 26 MB
concourse_xray_v1.0.0_mac.zip 30 MB


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Can't tell what's really inside those people 


This game was WAY tougher than I expected hahaha


Thanks for the video! Get well soon!


What a great slice of bizarre fun this was! I got a tonne of giggles out of this, fantastic work for a Game Jam! =)

Keep up the awesome work!


Thank you for the video! What is that interesting wallpaper behind you in the video? Is it all photos or comics?


Hey no worries, I had a blast!

Glad you noticed that, it took a lot of work =) it's all comics, I actually did a time-lapse video of me putting it together last year haha! 

Wow! That's so cool!


This is seriously fun considering how simple it is!


Thank you for playing! Great video!



Probably 1 of the best games i've played on Itch.io!

Thank you Humbby!

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I like this game, I found the concept to be very good and gets harder as I progress  got a bit confused with the menu as I thought I had to click on the gate to start a level but apart from that it was great.  If I see this on Gamejolt too I will be happy to support it there.  5/5.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

Thank you for the video!! You were so close to beating the game!


Super fun game! Had a great time playing it! Hope you enjoy the video! 

Thank you for the video! You were so close to beating the game!!


Love this one!  Another concept I would totally pay for a full game of.  :D


Simple Graphics? Check. Silly Concept? Check. Simple Execution? Check.  Perfect Indie game!

Thank you MrBobbly!


This game was much harder than I anticipated, but that's just because I suck at games. very enjoyable!

Thank you for the video!


Loved the game!I thought it was going to be a simple little easy game but actually had some challeneges, some of which were me not reading what to do lol. But amazing job!

Thank you for the video and for your eagle-eyed efforts!


This game got hard fast. Not sure if it's cause I played on a small screen but I got my ass kicked.

Thank you for the video!


This game had a really relaxing, arcadey vibe to it. Right away the music was happy-go-lucky and the graphics were all pastel and easy on the eyes. I loved the character models and the whole layout of the game. It was surprisingly easy to miss things the first time around, and it made the game way more fun to have more and more things pop as the round went on. My only two suggestions would be to maybe add a few more tracks to the soundtrack and possibly make an endless mode. The music behind the current game was putting me to sleep (while I edited the video) and it'd be awesome to have a rotation of tracks that play a different track in each level. Endless mode would compliment the already arcadey feel to the game! I know it was just made for a jam, but still! I thought it was great. Thanks for making this!

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Thank you for the video and the great ideas!


Great idea <3


Great game, keep those ducks out of my airport though, or else.

Congrats on beating the game! Thank you for the video!

Thanks, it smooth sailing once I realized the board tells you what is banned lol



nock nock nock nock nock


What a clever premise! Very original and a lot of fun. The stranger it got, the better it got. Would absolutely recommend to a friend!


This was pretty fun, it got very hectic near the end.

what is this game 

Can we get a linux release??

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Nevermind...just read your reply on the problem w/ your custom shader.  Edit: perhaps you can release the shader source an some of us can try to fix it?


Enjoyed it while it lasted, nice job!


I really enjoyed this game. The simplistic idea is perfectly paired with the great gameplay. The art style is fitting and it's just a generally fun to play game. I would definetly reccomend it! 

No linux version?


No, sorry. I couldn't get my custom shaders to work with Linux.

when i open it it just takes me to  the flile because it a zip file how do i play game

Are you on Mac or PC?

I had fun playing this game, despite only managing to complete one day. 

Thank you for trying!

No problem, lol. Thank you for making this game so I'd have something to make a video out of.

Such a great and funny concept! Really enjoyed this, I wish there was more in it, maybe challenges or something because I thought it was a bit short, but I also wasn't the best at it, but I still had a good time! Your game stops at around 2:40 if you want to check out the clip :)

Thanks for the video!

Hey, I recorded a quick video of your game if you'd like to check it out!

Simple, but a really fun game. Also I would never make it as a TSA agent.


Thanks for the video!

Great game as always! My expectations were blown away as usual. I had a lot of fun with this one :)

I love this game.. 

Interesting game, a bit too "difficult" for my taste but it was a nice challenge chasing all the people :) Good job!

Quite the fun game, i didn't know rubber duckies were such a bad thing.

I enjoyed this game a lot! At first I was just looking at them waiting for the contraband to turn red. (i saw a screenshot on this page where the glasses hovered over him to a red bad item) I assumed that this was what happened when you ran across said bad item. I quickly realized how easy that would have made the game and, caught on quickly thankfully without incident!

I have failed the TSA. :(

PS For anyone watching, please consider subscribing for a copious amounts of indie games. 

Thanks for the video!

Very cool idea!! I feel like something like this was hard to program. Very impressed.

Hello again, great game, very well made, i loved the xray effect and style of the concourse and people, its alot of fun and very playable so i hope alot people download it, oh the claw from the ceiling me me laugh. I hope you don't mind but I recorded a lets play of it

Thanks for the video! I'm so impressed that you beat all 6 levels in your playthrough! Good eyes!