A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Use your x-ray glasses to check under the passengers' clothing for prohibited items at a strange concourse of the airport. You'd be surprised at what you find!

Made in ~60 hours for GDL February 2018 Jam and FigJam. Themes are: Change of Perspective and Hidden Secrets respectively, so I made a game where you find hidden things (prohibited items) using something that changes your perspective (x-ray glasses).

Survive a week on the job of a security agent in the year 2025. Keep the threat level low by arresting passengers who are in possession of prohibited items. Don't let them leave the concourse. If the threat level maxes out, then all is lost. On the other hand, don't arrest the wrong passengers - you'll be fired after 3 false arrests.


MoveWASD or Arrow Keys
Look Around
Move Mouse
ArrestLeft Click with reticle on a traveler
Cheat key to skip to next level
/ (forward slash key)

Note: The humans in this game are procedurally generated and entirely random in skin color and gender spectrum, and entirely independent of who is in possession of prohibited items.

Tools: Unity, Blender, Gimp, Substance Painter

Third Party Attributions

Music: Improbable by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) CC-BY 3.0

Items hidden on the travelers from Google Poly: (CC-BY) Fish, Crawfish, Lighter, Hand Grenade, Bomb, Knife, Crayon, Butterfly, Coin, Hamster, Earthworm, Snake, Grasshopper, Nunchucks,Rubber Duck

Icons: Baggage, Ground Transportation, Arrow by Niklas Bäversten (CC-BY)


concourse_xray_v1.0.0_win.zip 26 MB
concourse_xray_v1.0.0_mac.zip 30 MB


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This was actually harder than what I had expected. Then again, I do kind of suck at everything I do

great game! 

I know I'm late, but it was quite the interesting experience...

(warning: Video has A LOT of swearing)

uuhhh... i have no idea man.. i just.. i am so confused on what to take with me now

Good game. It's original in its own way. Loved it


such an awesome game

Thank you for playing!

some reason mine isn't working? its constantly moving backwards so i cannot stand in one place so when i try to arrest someone im already at the back wall and if i move mouse i never stop going backwards? any idea why?

Sorry, no idea why it would be constantly moving backwards. Could there be a joystick plugged in that perhaps isn't calibrated? Or try restarting your machine and make sure there's nothing pressing down on your keyboard, and there are no stuck keys.

(1 edit)

Defo No Stuck keys as restarted machine etc. Even unplugged and replugged the USB keyboard and retried. All. Games are fine except this one? Which is strange. I have Got a g29 wheel Connected but had no buttons pressed or stuck in anywhere. I'll try unplugging that and see as I didn't think of that

edit: still strangly stuck moving backwords? this is very odd and cant find anyone else with this issue :/

at this point i think you should try to reinstall the game

the game w as kind of hard lol

Vous ne pouvez rien me cacher je vois littéralement TOUT!!! J'ai adoré perdre le contrôle!


I had a lot of fun playing this. It was actually quite hard and I probably sucked quite a bit, but I had a good laugh so


 What would you do if you were a security guard at an airport...and you had X-ray glasses?! Would you use your new powers for evil? Or would you save the world from...bananas?...

(1 edit) (+1)

Really cool simulator. It might look simple, but it becomes very hard later. I wouldn't like to work as a security guard at a airport if my job was like this. 

This game give the player a challenge while making you have fun. 


Thank you Hamlic!


I love this game!!!!

Very fun game! Short but sweet! :D



A totally unique concept you have going on!
I have to say that I haven't seen a game using the whole x-ray vision thing extensively. But you used it as a base mechanic to your game. I find that brilliant!
The art style of the game is adorable and reminds of animated movies. Pretty good choice judging the result and the time limitations.
Gameplay wise, it is straightforward what you have to do. Simple concept that is easy to follow. However things get complicated when a lot of people start appearing. It actually reminds me of find wally, but you have to spot certain items instead of a tall dude with a striped shirt!
The music selection is fitting the game a lot. Upbeat yet goofy :P
Also the selection of items is straight up hilarious xD
All in all I enjoyed this game more than I expected to be honest!
I hope the best for your next projects!!

It was really funny! I enjoyed playing it :)

Deleted 1 year ago

Thank you for the video!


This was a fun game! But so many duck smugglers Lol!

Thank you for the video!

pretty fun game with a great idea cant wait for more!!

This was a STRANGEST security team I've EVER been on! Totally didn't expect this many people would be into this kind of fetish; just goes to show you how freaky things can get! Hilarious game, and will be on the lookout for future projects!

i hope theres a VR version of this game. its hilarious!!! LOVE THE DUCK


I wondered why I kept getting fired for false arrests when arresting people with guns, nunchucks and knives until I realised that my Dock was blocking the arrest criteria for the day.  The moral of this story, don't run in wondowed mode at full resolution.  Having fixed that, this was a fun little game.  The music really sells the experience.  Combined with the art style and the premise (arresting people with a skill tester =D ), the whole thing comes together as a lovely absurdist jaunt.  Nice work. =)




Have you ever wondered how to be the best security guard? X-ray!


Thanks for the video! Awesome thumbnail picture!

Thank you so much!! Also great game! :D


I had so much fun playing this game! It was such an interesting concept and would certainly make going through airport security a lot easier, haha. I hope you don't mind but I made a small gameplay video on your game and if you got the chance to check it out I'd really appreciate it! In the meantime, I hope to see what other creative concepts you come up with in the future! 

Thank you for the video!


Very comedic game that reminded me of games I would play in school on flash websites, enjoyed the time I had! 

this is cool game


such a silly game, i LOVE IT! there were a couple of awkward moments in game (glitches and bugs) but given that this game was made within 60 hours, it is damn amazing!

The 3D models were rather adorable, the game itself was fairly difficult and in the beginning was a little tough to understand what the objects were (but that was mostly due my incompetence lol). Overall, amazing game and i really hope to see more games from you! :D


Fun times! Very impressive considering it was made for a jam! The lobster was malfunctioning for myself but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. Keep it up!


A totally immersive experience that really delves into what it MEANS to be an x-ray airport security patrol man. Really loved it, and I'm happy to have served my time protecting this great nation... however messed up it may be.

It was fun, but it DID have a couple of issues with arresting certain people that had restricted items on them. However it was easily dealt with and I enjoyed every bit of the game.

Challenging but fun! Thank you for creating this!

I would love to record this but I am not an official youtuber, I have only one, dumb video.


You don't need to be a professional YouTuber. If you want to record it then download OBS and record the game. Also, its a lot more fun recording videos if you record not for the views or attempting to get famous, but just for the fun of it.

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