Instructions: WASD/Arrows to move all the ducklings. Hold spacebar to duck the wood chucked by woodchucks. The ducklings are immune but immobile while ducking. Get to the safety of the treeline!

I made the game in 3 hours for Rigid Jam 21, which is a 2 hour jam - yes I went over time. The progress timelapse video is coming soon.

The theme of the jam is "What the duck?" I interpreted this as ducks ducking. It only made sense for them to be ducking from wood chucked by woodchucks.

I drew the artwork in Tiltbrush VR, cleaned it up with Blender, and imported into Unity with the Tilt Brush Toolkit.

Third-party assets:
Music: Dramatic Trailer by Rafael Krux. (CC4.0)
Font: HVD Comic Serif Pro by Hannes Von Dšhren

Here's the timelapse of the development screen capture, compressing 3 hours down to 10 minutes:

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For three hours, this game's graphics are amazing!  I love them cute lil ducks and bears