Spread your good vibes to other joggers while burning calories on your jog in this button-mashing feel-good game!

Made in 48 hours for OST Jam Vol. 4, where participants make games based around soundtracks provided. I used John McNeil's Jogging 'Round the Park soundtrack.


Run FasterPress P and Q rapidly, alternating between the two keys.
Spread Good VibesLook for the key below your jogger and press it when nearby other joggers. This key changes with every press.

You can also play this as multiplayer co-op if you get multiple people on the same keyboard, each with a portion of the keys.

Music: Jogging 'Round the Park by John McNeil
Sound Effects: Universal Sound FX pack
Icons: thenounproject.com

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
Made withBlender, Unity, Audacity, Substance Painter & designer, GIMP
Tags3D, button-mashing, Cute, ducks, Feel Good, qwop, wholesome
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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6245 score


so fun, now my arms hurt ;-;


Got tired after a while, so mostly the slow runners are all pumped up with good vibes now. Fast runners probably have enough motivation for the day anyway lol


Funny and amazing brings those positive vibes. Want to make contest with my friends on this game!!


This game is fun and I like how random it is 

I honestly did not even realize you could run faster until I had already played the game and was just spreading good vibes the entire time haha


same lol


this is so cute and fun :D


Such a positive game! Love it.



I really love this idea! Good and challenging with the mechanics, but still fun to spread good vibes. Great song choice too. I got 16444 points!



Nice and chilling game. 

Thanks for the video!!


score: 9310!


Andy this is adorable :)


This is really cute, and I like how you spread out the keys / actions! Reminds me of A Short Hike in the good vibes & lighthearted nature.


My wife and I played it as a 2-player co-op, with me doing the running and her spreading the good vibes. Here's our high score: 22210