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bulb bulb bulb


This was an awesome little mini-game! Just like the rest of your games! The music fit right in with everything that was going on. I loved the animation and the models of everything on screen. It was all very visually appealing. Is it randomly generated? A few of the maps with the clouds were pretty tough due to only one mind being a link at the beginning of the stage. (I hope that made sense, I'm very tired)

Anywho! This was awesome! I loved it and can't wait for more jams so I can see more of your games! Thanks for making this!

Oh! And it'd be awesome to have an arcade version with all of your games crammed into one. Like a stage selection type deal but you can choose the game.

Thanks for the video!


I immediately thought of your game as a perfect metaphor for game jams: People get inspired by the game mechanics others have thought of, all the screenshots on Twitter and other social media, talking about their progress and what not. So yes, it's a perfect hit to the theme of inspiration for the JimJam, but thanks to the connection breaking clouds of negativity you also implemented the theme of the Geta Game Jam#2 (it's "Signal Lost", for anyone who's reading this and doesn't know) perfectly. Stunning work! And just like usually, the art is gorgeous! Not just the cute lightbulb character, but also the quite obscure talking heads with their brains. <3 I loved it very much, so I simply had to write a new article about your game. :) And of course I uploaded another gameplay video. <3 Keep it up, you will break your own jam participation record for sure - and I'm glad to see that the quality is always so high. You're an impressive game developer, Andrew! :)

Best wishes,

Thanks again Sebastian!!

Thank you as well, Andrew. <3