A downloadable game for Windows

Navigate an imaginary environment with an army of mimes!

Developer's Note: This is the first little game I made with Unreal Engine. It only has one level. And the ending script doesn't work in the build (.. but it worked in the editor!!), so if you push the ball onto the white circle, consider yourself victorious! If there is interest, I may add more levels, with more interesting obstacles than invisible walls for the mimes. 

The game may take a few seconds to load. Enjoy the black screen while it loads.


  1. Push the red ball onto the white circle.
  2. All the walls are invisible. Watch the mimes to discern where the walls are.
  3. Enlist other mimes to help.

Walk: WASD or Arrows
Restart: R
Quit: Esc

Music: Snowfall March by Inkedsplat.

Trivia: I was originally going to make a game about marching zombie penguins pushing/rotating things into the right place. Being the lazy developer that I am, I made mimes instead, thinking that I would be able to save time by not making any visible environment art. Well, figuring out inverse kinematics for mime arm placement while using Unreal Engine for the first time took more time than I thought. You can still see a zombie penguins folder in the build.


MarchOfMimes_v1.0.0.zip 434 MB


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I enjoyed this. If you do add more I could see leaning into the mime thing by adding more "mime schtick" like walking into the wind or making a box. It's a fun little prototype kind of thing on its' own though.

Don't you hate it when developers add a bunch of invisible walls to give the player the illusion of choice? :P

This is such a cool concept! I love the style and just the design of using mimes to navigate through an invisible maze.

One little gripe is sometimes the ball gets stuck in a corner and I had a hard time getting it out of there. Was a bunch of fun though! 



good game