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Guide your penguins to safety across marshmallow iceflows in this pastel-themed VR game made for #PastelJam18. Made for SteamVR / HTC Vive.

If you don't have VR: Although this game is meant for VR (SteamVR), you can still play it with keyboard and mouse, but clumsily. On the title screen, just hold the spacebar or left mouse button for 3 seconds to advance. This game has only been tested with HTC Vive. Just keep in mind that the game is designed for VR camera/controllers with natural six degrees of freedom, and the keyboard/mouse controls are a very poor substitute for it - so please do not judge the game by the clunky keyboard/mouse controls.

I made this game in 48 hours for Pastel Jam, where the challenge was to make a pastel-colored game. I only had time to make two levels so far. More to come if there is interest. Please let me know in the comments!


ActionVR (HTC Vive Controllers)
Clumsy Keyboard/Mouse Controls
Look around
Move your headRight mouse drag
Move camera
Walk around in roomspace, or  squeeze side grip and drag.
WASD keys. Hold Shift while moving for faster speed.
Attract Penguins
(larger radius)
Hold Bottom Trigger near penguins and slowly drag
Left Click/Hold near penguins and drag
Attract Penguins (smaller radius)
Press top touch pad near penguins and slowly drag
Shift-Left Click/Hold near penguins and drag
Skip to next level

Forward Slash (/)
Exit Game
Open up a different app with the system menu button

Tools Used: Unity, Blender, Substance Painter, Steam VR for Unity.

Third-party attributions:  Music: Crossing the Chasm by Kevin Macleod (incompetech.com), Creative Commons by Attribution.

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TagsCute, htc-vive, pastel, penguins, Virtual Reality (VR)


MarshmallowPenguinsVR_v1.0.1_win.zip 30 MB


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Extremely cute game but I understand if it doesn't get expanded on. Found your games from this game, wanted to let you know the game that lead me to your content.


Yeah, it's a shame that it doesn't really work out of VR - the controls are way too sluggish. I also had the red circle bug.

It's a shame because the game is really visually good, the penguins are super cute and the gameplay is interesting. The main problem(?) with the game is that it's more fun to feed the whales than it is to save the penguins.


Great game! though definitely needs VR, and at one point I had a bug where my cursor turned red? after flying through a marshmallow 


Too bad that there were only two levels - I would have liked to help even more cute penguins! <3 Moving the marshmallow icebergs up and down was a wonderful element, giving the game even a small strategic touch (though that would have been upgradeable). Either way, I had a lot of fun for a few minutes and the pastel graphic style was great! That's the reason why I included your game in a little compilation article about the Pastel Jam along with two other entries and also featured it in the related gameplay video. :) Keep it up, Andrew!

Best wishes,