A downloadable VR mermaid simulator for Windows

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[Note: Although the game is tailored/designed for VR, it also works without VR, using keyboard/mouse controls, but is not optimal. For non-VR, the game opens up in some arbitrary resolution which may or may not fit your screen. Press Alt-Enter for full screen, but possibly crummy resolution.]

Enjoy a unique experience in VR as a hungry, man-eating, villainous mermaid. Peer through water and fog to look for passing ships. Lure the sailors into the water with your siren song. Eat them or watch them drown. You are a villainous man-eating mermaid after all. There is no wrong way to play this minimalist art-game except to not play it.

Made in 72 hours for Jamingtons 5.0 game jam (Theme: Minimalist) and the GDN Gooseberry Jam (Theme: You Are The Villain). 


Swim near the ships and sing to lure the individual sailors to fall into the water. The closer you are, the more powerful the voice.

Swim into the drowning sailors if you want to eat them. You can't cause the ships to steer into the rocks yet (upcoming feature).

ActionVR Controls (HTC Vive)
Non-VR Controls
Move View
Squeeze side grips while moving control
(Shift = faster)
Right drag to rotate camera.
Swim to Pointer
Press or hold trigger
Left Click or left drag
Sing/Lure Nearby Sailors
Hold top touchpad
Hold space or right mouse button
QuitThere is no escape! Just hit the system menu.

Important note for Non-VR: At the beginning of the game, where it says to "hold touchpad to start", just hold the spacebar or right mouse button down for 3 seconds.

Tools: Unity, Blender, Audacity

Third-Party Attributions: Vocal Clips sounds by Womb Affliction (Creative Commons by Attribution); Water Ocean Waves sound by Sengjinn (CC0); Seawash Calm sound by Craig Groshek (CC0); Nexa Light font by www.fontfabric.com.

Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Tagsart-game, artgame, htc-vive, mermaid, Relaxing, Virtual Reality (VR)


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Triple feature for the game jam! So, understanding that this is meant for VR and I played without it, I liked the concept. Admittedly the controls were a little weird for M/Kb, but they worked. The visual and sound design were beautiful, albeit minimal (though that's the jam theme) but I found the gameplay to be a little confusing at the start and it left me thinking that I didn't quite understand it by the end. But for 72 hours, great work!