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Neat stuff, pretty funny.

This is a great game! It really weirded me out at first, but that is some of my favorites! Really sticks to the brain! Hope to see more!

Thank you for the video!

Multiplayer soon maybe?


Ha Ha Ha. Need more of this... :)

I need a full game of this in my life :)

Thanks for the video!!

In the end the choice of escape was just an illusion. Really liked the game and it's weirdness :)

Thanks for the great video. I underestimated the skill of the players!

very interesting game I enjoyed and embraced the weirdness of this game haha


Thanks for the hilarious video!

There was so much goodness in this. The corn explosion was so satisfying and then all of the hilarious floating text comments.

Carrot - "I'm having trouble seeing"

Tomato - "My bones hurt, wait I have bones?"

Definitely a very solid entry, though I've thoroughly enjoyed all of your past game jams as well. You got my vote.

If you enjoyed the game, please vote for it here for the game jam:

Great game I loved it! Especially I loved faces :D like they're high or something:D

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