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Need plans for this to be expanded upon ASAP!

Thanks for playing and making a video! I almost forgot about this game, it's been so long.

Brilliant! ❤️


Great game i love the style of this it feels a lot like Ben and Ed which i like sadly its a bit short. The character models are really nice they fit perfectly with the game and i love all of the little death animations. The puzzle solving is really nice but it needs more obstacles overall great game.


I know I'm late to the party, but this game really hit home with me! I've always had a soft spot for morbid 'different' platformers like Guts and Glory, Ben and Ed, etc. This one felt a lot like Ben and Ed with some art inspiration from Psychonauts, maybe? If it were a full game, I'd 100% buy it. The graphics were great, I loved the character models. The art is super smooth and really easy to look at. I really enjoyed the different mechanics that each character had. The different ways to solve the puzzles had a lot of promise and I could see them going even deeper into a larger game. I definitely want to see more of this and it'd be awesome if you planned on doing any more work with it! Thanks for making this!!


How do you even come up with something like this XD.

Thanks for the video!

Neat stuff, pretty funny.

This is a great game! It really weirded me out at first, but that is some of my favorites! Really sticks to the brain! Hope to see more!

Thank you for the video!

Multiplayer soon maybe?


Ha Ha Ha. Need more of this... :)

I need a full game of this in my life :)

Thanks for the video!!

In the end the choice of escape was just an illusion. Really liked the game and it's weirdness :)

Thanks for the great video. I underestimated the skill of the players!

very interesting game I enjoyed and embraced the weirdness of this game haha


Thanks for the hilarious video!

There was so much goodness in this. The corn explosion was so satisfying and then all of the hilarious floating text comments.

Carrot - "I'm having trouble seeing"

Tomato - "My bones hurt, wait I have bones?"

Definitely a very solid entry, though I've thoroughly enjoyed all of your past game jams as well. You got my vote.

If you enjoyed the game, please vote for it here for the game jam:

Great game I loved it! Especially I loved faces :D like they're high or something:D