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Help Mirabella the magical mushroom girl grow giant mushrooms. Jump on mushrooms to reach new heights and collect the magical orbs in this physics-based rhythm tower-defense VR game! Watch out for deceptively cute caterpillars who have a voracious appetite for mushrooms!

Made for Magical Girl Game Jam #5, where the theme was to combine multiple different genres of games together, involving a magical girl.

This game is for VR only: Oculus Quest 1 & 2, Steam VR, Oculus desktop VR. Do not try to play it without VR!


RunHold the trigger and Mirabella will run towards your pointer
JumpMove pointer upwards quickly. The longer you move it up, the higher she jumps.
Move pointer downwards rapidly to fall faster.
Shift ViewSqueeze one side grip and drag the world. Tip: Shift view using the other controller than the one you are using to move/jump with.
Zoom In/OutSqueeze both side grips and bring hands apart/together. You can also shift view at 2X speed by squeezing both side grips and dragging the world.
Plant MushroomPush in touchpad/thumbstick button
OR press the Y/B button
Enlarge MushroomStand on the mushroom and do the Plant Mushroom action
Pause/MenuPress Menu Button
Quit Game
(desktop only)
Escape key. You'll need this if you tried running it outside of VR.

For a list of the songs and third-party assets in the game, please see the in-game credits in the title screen. (They're written on the stones to your left when facing the title.)


1. Use one controller for shifting the view, and the other controller for running/jumping and growing mushrooms. If your arms tire from all the jumping, you can switch hands by pressing the trigger button of the other hand to use as your primary hand.

2. Use the musical orb preview to see the endpoints for the musical orbs, and strategically plant your mushrooms before you step on the start button in levels 2, 3, and 4. You gain 3X the points and magic for catching an orb at its endpoint, where it matches with the music.

3. Caterpillars have a narrow field of view, are nearsighted, and have a slow turn rate. If they see a mushroom close in front of them, they will crawl towards that mushroom and eat it. If they don't see a mushroom close in front of them, they will crawl towards Mirabella to beg for mushrooms. Plant a trail of mushrooms to lead caterpillars away from mushrooms that you want Mirabella to jump upon.

4. The bigger the mushroom, the longer it takes for the caterpillar to chew through.

5. This is not a simple rhythm beat game. It requires jumping and growing of mushrooms. It will take multiple tries to master each level. There are only 4 levels though, each with many different ways of playing them.


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Oculus Quest 1 & 2 - Sideload .APK (original game jam version) 58 MB
Windows - SteamVR & Oculus Desktop VR (original game jam version) 69 MB
Oculus Quest 1 & 2 - Sideload .APK (v1.0.1) 57 MB
Windows - SteamVR & Oculus Desktop VR (v1.0.1) 72 MB

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