A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Smack the frog from below with a paddle to make it jump. The harder you hit, the higher it jumps!

Requires VR: Meta Quest/2/3/Pro (sideload the .apk file using SideQuest), or desktop OpenXR system.

Made in 4 days for Game Wisdom Jam Volume 2. Theme: "Might as well, jump!... or whatever." The challenge was to "recontextualize the act of jumping in a way that hasn't been seen before and build a game around it". So I made the VR smacking mechanic for the jumping. Simple and intuitive, or diabolically challenging? You be the judge.

There's not much else to the game other than to explore the jumping mechanic. Try to find and reach the little yellow insects and eat them. 

Note: I ran out of time and didn't get to develop the insects movement and the eating mechanic. Also, don't fall off the edges of the world - I didn't get to make the boundaries.

This is my first game made using Godot Engine.


Make frog jump
Smack frog from below with a paddle
Frog tongue lash
Smack frog from above with a paddle
Teleport to frog
Press trigger
Move camera
Squeeze the side grip to grab the world and move it
Camera locomotionThumbstick forward/backward to move forward/backward.
Thumbstick left/right to snap turn left and right

Music: Can't Reset My Device by Tim Kulig. Free download: https://filmmusic.io/song/11885-cant-reset-my-device Licensed under CC BY 4.0: https://filmmusic.io/standard-license


Windows OpenXR (postjam v0.1.1) 40 MB
Meta Quest (postjam, v0.1.1) 86 MB
Meta Quest (original jam build, v0.1.0) 86 MB

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