A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Help the three bears throw a last minute surprise birthday party for picky Miss Goldilocks in this 3D lowpoly feel-good point-and-click game.

Made in 24 hours for The Big Festive Game Jam 2017 (#bigfestivejam). The theme was: Surprise. I interpreted this as a surprise party, and surprising things that come out of people's mouths.

The story of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" is one of the most popular children's fairy tales in the English language. This game is based on the characters and what happened in that story. Please familiarize yourself with it first if you are missing this important cultural context: http://www.dltk-teach.com/rhymes/goldilocks_story.htm


Interact/WalkLeft Click on item of interest or destination on ground.
Switch to Next Bear
Right Click
Quit/MenuEscape (This menu isn't working right, it just quits for now.)


Tools: Unity, Blender, Substance Painter, Gimp


APartyForAPickyPorridgePicker_v1.0.0_win.zip 29 MB
APartyForAPickyPorridgePicker_v1.0.0_mac.app.zip 31 MB
APartyForAPickyPorridgePicker_v1.0.0_linux.zip 49 MB


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that was a cute game but sorry im indonesian so maybe you couldn't understand what i mean.but i like it.but i wanted to post 3 times and the 2nd one is available.so watch the second ne.^-^


Such a cute game! 


Fun game, looks good!

That was really fun! Almost didn't get to complete it for a second there. So tense!

The art is lovely too! x3 Great job!


What a neat little project. Well done devs. thanks



Thank you for the video!

Deleted post

Thanks for the video!

gorgeous 3d models!