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I've been reminded by so many movies that I saw and books that I read as a kid by this entry: The old stories about the witch Babajaga and her hut with the bird foot, the library of "The Neverending Story" and many more! The whole flying in this fantastic place left me a lot of freedom to stroll around and I'm glad you implemented that! <3 I hope that more people will try it out themselves, so I wrote a little article about it and created a short gameplay video of it. :)

Best wishes,

The concept is really good! Looking for soundwaves to find the bookworms is a useful hint, and I liked the general atmosphere! Procedural levels are a win for me, too.

Something that I think would improve the game is control. It felt weird to me that W/S moved the librarian vertically too, while the spacebar didn't seem to work at all
Also the camera moved so much at the slightest move; a slidebar to calibrate the camera rotation would've been neat