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You are a lumberjack in a digital circuit board forest. A virus has entered your forest, and is infecting everything in its path with a fast-spreading digital blight. Cut down infected trees and clear out infection breaks in the foliage to prevent the spread.

Made in 1 day for Game Jam: Lumberjack Life. I found out about the game jam on the day before the deadline, but I decided to have some fun anyway.

In the current build, you are a digital lumberjack in a free roam digital forest sandbox. You can chop down cyber trees and foliage with your axes. This game jam build is just a sandbox for you to explore and experience. The enemies and challenges didn't make it for the game jam build.

I didn't get the blight infection system done in time for the jam - just another hour and it would have been in. I didn't get to add sound or music either. :(

Controls: (VR required)

Move Forward/BackLeft thumbstick up/down for smooth locomotion. Right thumbstick up/down for hop locomotion.
Rotate left/right
Press either thumbstick to the left or right
AxeReach behind your head to and grab your cyber axe with either the front trigger or the grip. You have unlimited axes. You can throw your axes too. Holding the axe with both hands gives more powerful chops. Thicker trees may need multiple chops.

Credits & Attributions:

Inspired by the aesthetics from one of my old games: A Flutter of Silicon Wings, but with a completely different implementation. The graphics in that game are all particle systems. This game is all GPU instanced meshes and C# job system - better performance, but gnarly code.

3rd Party Attributions: Footstep sounds from Universal Sound FX Pack. Circuitboard pattern on hands and axe is by freepik.


TechnobotanicalLumberjack.zip 27 MB

Install instructions

Uses OpenXR. Make sure you set your desired VR platform to the default OpenXR platform.

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