A small platformer set on top of a short story, literally.

This was made in 3 hours for One Hour Game Jam 278 (#1hgj).

The theme is "Space". I wanted to do something with the space between words.

Controls: WASD/Arrows to move, Space to jump. Hold space to jump farther.

The story is a nonsense short story I randomly generated using Plot Generator. Any resemblance to real persons/places/things are purely coincidental.

3rd-Party Assets:
Music: Traveler's Notebook by Rafael Krux(CC 4.0)
Font that the 3D letters are based on: HVD Comic Serif Pro by Hannes Von Dšhren

Timelapse video of the development - 3 hours sped up into a 10 minute video:

Made withUnity

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