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Help Santa deliver all the gifts down the chimneys before the impossibly short deadline in this jolly procedurally generated rooftop  jumping platformer. Use time loops portals to work more efficiently. Avoid the humbugs!

Made for SecretSantaJam (for giftee GeniusGamer), and Big Festive Game Jam 2020 (Theme: second chances).


RunWASD keys or Arrow Keys.
JumpSpacebar. Hold spacebar longer to jump higher.
Climb WallMove in direction of wall and hold spacebar.
Quit GameEscape key

Secret cheat key: forward slash to skip to next level.


  • Jump into chimneys with the rainbow effect over them to deliver gifts. Chimneys without the effect have already been given a gift. You need to visit each chimney to deliver a gift.
  • Do not fall off the rooftops. You'll respawn back to the starting point and starting time, but it will undo any gifts you've given since the last time loop you entered.
  • Enter time loops to respawn back to the starting point and starting time.
  • Do not let the time expire! (if applicable on that level) Jump into a portal before the time expires to travel back in time to the starting time/place. You can also jump off the rooftops to respawn if there are no portals nearby, but you will lose progress.
  • Do not let the humbugs touch you - they will send you back to the start place/time, and you will lose gift delivering progress.
  • Use the minimap on the bottom of the screen to see where portals, chimneys, and buildings are.
  • Each level's layout is procedurally generated. You'll never see the same exact town twice!

See the README.TXT in the download for third-party attributions and credits.

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TagsChristmas, santa, Time Travel


Windows 30 MB
Windows - Lofi (for very old or low-spec computers) 30 MB


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I always knew that santa was a timelord, I knew it.

Thank you for playing and making a video! You've discovered the secret of Santa: Santa Who!
(The green heads were "humbuggers" not hamburgers. )

I really read that as hamburgers, i dont know why... humbuggers does make more sense. you got me


Thank you so much for making this game!  I loved the time loop mechanic, the feel... well, I loved everything about it, really.


I was watching some of your dev posts for this game, and it turned out really cool!