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It started as a foot race between the tortoise and the hare. Now it is a nuclear arms race.

You are a tortoise, strapped to a rocket. Your mission is to deliver a special payload to put an end to the conflict once and for all, before all is lost. You must reach the target before you run out of fuel.

This game takes only about 2-3 minutes to play - but they are very intense minutes.


WASD/Arrows to steer the rocket. Let go of the controls to automatically steer back towards the direction of the target.


  • Avoid the hares' anti-aircraft carrot turret towers.
  • Fly through green tortoise rings for a speed boost.
  • Clouds will slow you down drastically, and have plenty of turbulence, but will hide you from the anti-aircraft turrets.
  • Turrets can't aim down.
  • Don't crash into the turrets or ground.

OST Jam Vol. 2
Made in ~4 days for OST Jam Vol. 2, where you start with one of the provided soundtracks and make a game out of it. I used Actual Warfare by InkedSplat.

In this jam, my goal was to get back into Unity after almost 2 months using another engine intensely, and to play around with the Clayxels tool for Unity. Except for the particle effects, all the art is made using Clayxels!

Third Party Attributions

  • Music: Actual Warfare by Inkedsplat
  • Libraries: Clayxels by Spare Parts Oasis
  • Sound Effects from:  Universal Sound FX pack
  • Fonts: DCC Ash by dccanim; Bebas Neue by Dharma Type
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TagsCute, Flight, Flying, intense, tortoise


TortoiseRacerOmega.zip 62 MB


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That's a really fun concept.

Also I'm glad someone used Actual Warfare - I knew when I first heard it that it needed to be in one of these games

Its cool!