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The obnoxious hares are messing with the tortoises again. This time, they've shifted their running route across the tortoise nesting ground, despite protests.

Help the tortoises band together in solidarity and create a blockade to prevent the hares from stomping on precious tortoise eggs. Stack up on top of each other to prevent the hares from leaping over.

Made in 48 hours for #StaySafeJam. Theme: Solidarity. Screenshots, video, and instructions coming soon.

There are only 3 levels so far. If you can beat 'em and had fun with the game then let me know!


WASD/Arrows (controls all mobilized tortoises simultaneously)
Select Tortoise
Left click on the tortoise
Toggle Multiple Tortoises
Left Drag across multiple tortoises
StackMove the tortoise right in front of tortoise that is bigger or the same size, and face the other tortoise. Press spacebar when you see the blue dotted line to stack this tortoise on the other one.
Change speed
Tortoises are slow. Change the speed of the game by pressing 1 (normal speed), 2 (2x speed), 3, 4, 5 (5x speed).
Restart Level
Cheat Key
Forward Slash (/)


  • In each level you will have some time to move the tortoises into a blockade to protect the eggs, before the hares arrive and bounce across the area. If you finish building before the time is elapsed, then press the 5 key to speed up time.
  • Tortoises can be in one of two states: mobilized or fortified. Toggle mode by clicking or dragging the mouse across them.
  • Mobilized tortoises will move based on your WASD or Arrow keys.
  • Fortified tortoises stay put to the best of their ability, even if they are stacked on top of another tortoise. They are harder for hares to knock over / push.
  • Aim a mobilized tortoise at a closeby tortoise of the same size or larger to allow stacking (you'll see a blue dotted line connecting the tortoises if it is stackable). Press space to stack. You can't stack on top of a smaller tortoise.
  • Tortoise eggs are extremely fragile. Even the lightest touch from a tortoise or a hare will destroy the egg. If you lose all of your eggs, then you lose the level. Do not step on the eggs with your tortoises.
  • Survive the hare onslaught for a set amount of time without losing all of your eggs to complete the level.

Tools: Unity, Blender, Audacity.

Music: Rite of Passage by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com). Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License.

Here's a build for macOS. I didn't build it in time for the end of the jam when uploads get locked. It has hares that are a little less obnoxious. I'll upload it for this page after the uploads are unlocked.


TortoiseSolidarityBlock_win_v1.0.0.zip 33 MB


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OMG those rabbits are crazy. such as fun and unique concept :D made me laugh :D

:) Thank you for playing!!

The first tortoise stacking game I have played. Very novel game concept. 🐢

Thanks Tartle!!