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Trick-or-treat in VR as a satisfying sportgame, played inside a virtually haunted pumpkin squash court in the year 3000, using a haunted skull ball that plays tricks on you!

This is an entirely accurate portrayal of "trick-or-treat", or is it tennis? Maybe squash? A pumpkin is a type of squash, right? Just download and play already!

How To Trick-Or-Treat:

  1. Hit the haunted skull ball into the doors on the other side of the net to knock on them and dispense candy.

  2. Collect the colorful candy that falls out of the doors to earn points. Just touch them with your tombstone paddles.

  3. Protect the doors on your side of the net so that your opponent doesn't get their dark candy.
  4. Collect the most candy by the 2 minute deadline to win!


  • Squeeze the trigger to extend your tombstone sportgame paddles out farther.
  • Beware that the skull ball has a mind of its own sometimes, and has nothing but contempt for you, and will try to trick you.
  • The candy disappears after a few seconds so be quick about it!
  • If you're stuck on the title screen - just swing your arms around rapidly for a few seconds, like it asks you to. You should feel the haptics building up as you go.

Made in 72 hours for Spooky VR Jam. Theme: "trick or treat"

Desktop VR: Requires Steam VR or Oculus Desktop. Please make sure you have enough room in your roomscale play space to play this game. 

Oculus Quest: Download the .apk file and install it on your Oculus Quest via SideQuest or ADB. Make sure you have enough space to play this sport game without running into things.

Tools: Unity (XR Interaction Toolkit), Blender, Audacity

3rd-party Attributions
Music: Let's Rock Together by WinnieTheMoog,  Link: https://filmmusic.io/song/ 6524-let-s-rock-together, License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
Sound effects: Tennis.wav by 13FPanska_Marval_Lukas (CC0); G6_doorbell.mp3 by Iamgiorgio (CC0);  S025_Airhorn_ Deep_Sound_Mono.wav by Pól (CC0);  Male voice screaming loudly by Dinsfire; Soniss GDC - Game Audio Bundle; UniversalSoundFX_1_4.
Fonts: Piximisa by Jayvee Enaguas;  Portmanteauby JLH Fonts.


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Windows (SteamVR & Oculus Desktop VR) 33 MB
Oculus Quest (Sideload APK) 28 MB


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🎾 fun!