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Glue together human body parts to form your own unconventional human. Then put your unconventional human to the test in the obstacle course in this wacky physics-based game.

Made in 3 days for the Jamingtons 10 game jam. Theme: Reinvent the wheel. I used this game jam to learn Unity's new ArticulationBody physics. I had 9 hours of sleep each night of the jam!


1. Pick a torso and attach limbs and other body parts to the green attachment points via drag and drop. Hold the right mouse button when dragging a body part to rotate it. Press the letter next to a limb on your keyboard to see the action that limb does.

2. Maneuver your unconventional human through the obstacle course. See if you can reach the finish line at the 100m mark, and collect all 15 coins along the way. Press the letter next to a limb to use it. Press space to use all the limbs at once.


  • Larger unconventional humans are heavier, and may be harder to move
  • Spamming a limb's letter very rapidly may help in some cases. It can even let you fly if you hit it fast enough.
  • Keep trying! The physics are wacky enough that you can pass the obstacle course. You can always go back and create a new unconventional human using what you've learned.
  • Share your best builds in the comments. Screenshots appreciated.

3rd-Party Assets: 

Music: Krampus's Workshop by Kevin MacLeod, Link: https://filmmusic.io/song/5518-krampus-s-workshop, License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/; Sound Effects from the Sonniss.com GDC - Game Audio Bundle, and Universal Sound FX pack.

Secret Cheat Key: forward slash (/) will give your conventional human a push; usable every 5 seconds.

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TagsComedy, Physics


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i have learnt that just glueing 3 legs onto the same side of a circle makes a human be able to fl

Good exercise by jerking your fingers on your keyboard haha. Good game btw.

I have my gameplay in this video:

thanks for playing

I llove it! Gave me a good laugh 

Thank you for playing!




Well done!

Thank you! ;{)

is this game made with unity?


can you make a chrome verson

how do you open the game

Extract the zip file to a folder. Run UnconventionalHuman.exe.

it wont open for me  is there something i can do so i can?

Extract the zip file to a folder. Run UnconventionalHuman.exe.


how do u open the game

Extract the zip file to a folder. Run UnconventionalHuman.exe.

*flashbacks to human centipede*


This was an experience, WOW! You can create an abomination of a "human" in this and still somehow make it work....kinda! I absolutely loved playing this game, had me locked in until I finished (not with all coins though, I'm not some sort of patient genius!!). Lots of fun to be had, great work! :D Game play is below if interested :) 

Thank you for playing and making a video! Congrats for beating the game!


if you use a macro to mash the keys this becomes a flesh rocketry simulator. :D

amazing, it would be great, if there were some 3axis joint rotations


Great game! Super fun to play and mess around with. You can go efficient, simple, or balls to the wall, which brings out the creativity in the player and allows them to try their own ideas and see if they work. This would be great as a larger game, maybe more levels or a puzzle aspect where you have to create different styles of humans to complete them, but that's up to you, dev. I made the perfect HUMAN WHEEL! Good stuff! Looking forward to more projects :)

Please check out my video and my channel: VladMan
Thank you!


Awesome video! Thank you for playing. The "headcrab" human wheel solution is one of my favs.

Thanks for watching. I'll look forward to any big updates!


I rate 5 / 5 limbs , would def recommend

(1 edit) (+1)

Some of the most fun I've had with a game in a long while! You can see how my playthrough went in my video for my Youtube! Thank you for sharing your art!


Thank you for playing and making a video! I laughed so hard watching your playthrough! 


I'm really glad you enjoyed it! I'll keep an eye out for your future projects.  Be sure to let me know if this gets any major updates or new game modes!


This game is already a really good time, with a bit more love I think it could go really far!

Puzzle based levels would be a hoot, maybe even leader board ghosts to race against. 

Thanks! Yeah I was thinking of a soccer/football based level too - playing against AI trained opponents, or against conventional humans. A couch co-op race or sumo wrestling would be interesting too.