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Crawl through hell as a disembodied hand and blast your enemies by raising your middle finger at them. See how far you can get without really dying.

Very rough work in progress. Status: There's no dying or enemies yet. But you can crawl and try out the very impressive middle finger power. I'll continue working on this game after this weekend. Follow for updates!

Made for OST Jam Vol. 5, as part of a game jam in which you make a game based on one of the provided pieces of music. 

Music: The End Destroying Me by Lincolnpepper

NOTE: This game requires the Oculus/Meta Quest 2 and uses the hand tracking feature.


MoveMove your fingers as if your hand is crawling. Exaggerate motions. A pinching motion works better than traditional 2 finger walking.
AttackRaise your middle finger in a traditional obscene gesture to blast your enemies. [Keep your other fingers curled into a fist, with the thumb wrapping around the fist on the outside.]
If you're uncomfortable with using the middle finger against virtual opponents, then you can instead do a rock gesture, by raising the thumb, index, and pinky fingers, while keeping the middle and ring fingers curled.
Switch HandsTouch your thumbs together to switch the active hand that is controlling the crawler.

Middle Finger Extension:

Rapid Hand Crawling technique:


unholy_finger_vr_0.1.0.apk 53 MB

Install instructions

Sideload the .APK file onto your Oculus Quest 2 using Sidequest.

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