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You've infiltrated into a gathering of all the billionaire pigs. Little do they know that you're actually there to uncover the dark truths of corporate greed, inequality, and end-stage capitalism of today's world, and to crush a few pigs while you're at it!

In this punk rock concert, you play as the stage itself. You've got dinosaur legs that let you move around while the band keeps the pigs distracted. Hunt down the exclamation marks to reveal some very interesting and maddening facts, and also remember to step on some billionaire pigs along the way.

Made in 48 hours for Hardcore Punk Jam 4. Theme: "stage diving". I interpret this as having the stage itself, diving into the facts behind the utter crap that's going on in the world. And the stage diving into the crowd itself, turning into an ultimate mosh pit of guts and gore as the game proceeds.

Note: after the first song finishes, and the song called "Violence" plays, then you can squash the pigs by stepping/jumping on them. There are only a finite number of pigs, but far more than you'll have the patience to squash.

I don't expect anyone to kill all the pigs - it's an exercise in futility, just like in trying to deal with all the billionaires in the real world. The game is "beat" when all the secrets are revealed, and the real life player finds a cause worth fighting for. That is true punk.


WalkWASD or Arrows
JumpSpacebar (hold to jump higher, not that stages can jump very well)
Look AroundMove mouse. Use scrollwheel to zoom in/out

See credits_and_attributions.txt and facts_and_sources.txt inside the zip file for the song credits, and the sources of the real world facts revealed in this game.

Thank you to my wife Wanni for researching the facts!


UntitledPunkRockConcertForBillionairePigs.zip 46 MB

Install instructions

Download and extract the zip file to a folder, and run the .exe file in the extracted folder. Dismiss any security shenanigans that try to suppress the indie devs.


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