A downloadable game for Windows and Android

The tortoise and the hare are up to their old rivalries again in this VR mecha defense game. Ever since the hare discovered that the tortoise had spiked its drink with sedatives before the big race, the hare has been protesting this illicit race.

Now the hare is piloting a mecha bunny, and defending the finish line against the heavily armored tortoise tanks. The hare can also build strategic barricades to help slow down the tortoises. 

There are only 5 levels. If there is enough interest, I may continue expanding the game.


WalkMove your hands as if you are walking with your hands. The bunny's feet will follow your hands.
Aim/FireAim with your head (look at the reticle). Fire by pressing the trigger on either hand.
Place BarricadeSqueeze the side grips on both controllers at the same time to place the barricade in front of you. You can't place barricades in the intro area, too near the finish line, or too near a tortoise.
Pause/MenuMenu, A, or B button depending on your controller.

Install the .APK file on Oculus Quest or Quest 2 with Sidequest. Or run the Windows build with SteamVR or Oculus desktop.

Made in 3 days for  OST Jam Vol. 3, a game jam where participants make games inspired by the music provided.

Music: "Music To Get A GRIP TO" by Possums at Twilight. I listened to it and it sounded like good music for something to walk to - hence the walker mech and walking mechanics.


  • 2021-08-03: Much more refinement, polish, balancing, and fixes. Added preview for barricades so you know where you're placing them (squeeze grip with one hand to see preview).  Added tips in-game.
  • 2021-08-01: The first 5 waves are in the game, as is a more polished instructions board. The desktop VR (SteamVR and Oculus Desktop) and Oculus Quest versions are now available.


SteamVR / Oculus Desktop VR 36 MB
Oculus Quest 2 32 MB

Install instructions

Requires VR system with 2 VR controllers and a VR headset.

Oculus Quest or Quest 2: Install with Sidequest. To run, find "Ballistic Mecha Watchbunny" in the "Unknown Sources" portion of your library and run it. To restart, quit and relaunch the app for now.

SteamVR or Oculus Desktop: start SteamVR or Oculus desktop app and make sure the controllers are all active. Unzip the zip to a folder, and run the BallisticMechaWatchbunny.exe.


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Awesome! Worked great through SteamVR on the HTC Vive. I only wish I could move around faster, and that the view was zoomed out a bit.


FYI: The Desktop version didn't seem to work for me. Looked like it loaded up the main menu and the gameplay stuff at the same time? If you get it sorted out, looking forward to giving it a look :)

(1 edit)

Interesting - there is no main menu or any menus in the game. It loads right into gameplay. There is an orange-colored in-world instructions board, but that is just static - a fixed object in the world. Just walk away from it and it will disappear. Maybe that's confusing? I should make it so that the HUD only appears after you've stepped away from that instructions board.

Ah so it's not possible to play it without VR? I thought the Desktop version was for something like keyboard and mouse. Would explain why nothing would work :P