You are a watermelon slice. You have no hands, but you are sweet and juicy, and you never give up. You have traveled far to reach this hidden temple. Find the Golden Watermelon in this surreal 3D platformer.

Made in 72 hours for the GDQ One Mechanic Game Jam 4. Game jam themes: Food, Gravity, & Loot. I'm not sure if this is just one mechanic, but you're mainly pushing things (in addition to standard walking/jumping of 3D platformers).

I interpreted the "Food" theme as a world made entirely of watermelons. "Gravity" is your main enemy as you can easily fall, and must figure out how to overcome gravity. "Loot" is the goal of the game as you're trying to get to the treasure - the Golden Watermelon.

Playtime: 3 to 6 minutes depending on how you are with 3D platformers and physics puzzles.

Instructions: Wander through the temple, solving the challenges, to find the Golden Watermelon. 


WalkArrow Keys or WASD Keys
JumpSpacebar. Hold longer to jump higher.
Skip to next checkpoint (if you're stuck)
Forward Slash (/)
QuitEscape Key

Tools: Unity, Blender, Substance Painter, Audacity

Third Party Attributions: Music: "Division" by Kevin Macleod ( CC-BY. Font: "Single Sleeve" by Vic Feiger (100% free)

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags3D Platformer, Physics, watermelon


Download 20 MB
Download 23 MB


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the cutest game ever!

nice gam



So well done, i enjoyed this so much!


The golden watermelon was not golden.

very fun game, good controls and fun levels. I enjoy the art style and animations. Good game overall.

fun game, won the golden melon


A watermelon man wanders through a watermelon temple. Is the temple made of flesh, or is he made of temple? He screams for he does not know.

it's nice and fun

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cute but a little hard. i will give you my spirit!!

Thank you for playing!!

I am sweet and I am juicy and I never give up! XD

Loved the game! let me know when you post more content with it!

HELLO THERE WATERMELON LOVERS! Have you ever wanted to go to a temple, do some weird Indiana Jones stuff and get a golden watermelon!? You have come to the right place and game my friend! 

This was a weird game but ok lol

That last jump took me WAY too long lol


Plz make the game longer


I played this game and I liked it a lot. It was cute. But just now I had the thought: Is the melon man made of the same stuff as the world, or is the world made of melon men?

It's those that have come before and failed.  Our fallen brothers.  We stand on their shoulders. :D

Deleted post

I have played a lot of watermelon themed physics platfomers in my life and I can honestly say that this was one of them. Good job!

Nice game! Quite hard for me!

I want to see a much longer game out of this.

It's interesting summer game!

Temple of the Golden Watermelon is short, entertaining, and goes well in a bowl of mixed fruit. Though it lacks sound effects, the dramatic music really keeps the otherwise cutsie game an amusing experience. And the physics puzzles, while simple, were fun to figure out. I could totally see this as a longer game, maybe with different food people/worlds.

Good job on this, dev.

Hello! I theroughly enjoyed you game, it was very well made and was fun to play (Aswell as challenging)! I wish you the best of luck on future developments!

Thank you for the video! You were so close with that last challenge! It just requires pushing the melon disc a tiny bit further towards the edge, and using the rocking motion of it: How to get across the last challenge.


Made a video


Thank you for the video! I'm glad you made that last jump!


This game is the most adorable thing. it also helps that literally everyone loves watermelons, especially if they have cute little faces

This was a fun little game.  Not just cute and fun but the controls were great. Wasn't frustrating to deal with moving stuff around. 


Hey! Played through this on my channel, it was super cute! :D

Simple but cute. Had fun time playing it.


Wow! I really enjoyed this game. Great job. First of all I am a cute fruit. Second in puzzle games there is usually only one right answer but I definitely felt like I had some creative freedom when it came to how I pushed the watermelon and how I interacted with the physics. My only complaint would be the fog. In the screenshots it looks like its behind all the platforms and the player but while playing it covered the entire screen like a mask. Overall I think it detracted from the beauty and visibility of the game. The last level was a little challenging but I found myself saying "I am a watermelon slice. I will not give up!". The ending  was pretty satisfying as well. Thanks for the game!