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You are a rodent Elvis impersonator (with a fringe jumpsuit), and you have a commentary on the state of social media. As with any artist with something new and different to say, you are instantly attacked and discouraged by critics and trolls. Your goal is to find the friendly fringe and have them follow you, while avoiding harassment from trolls and obnoxious critics.

The rapidly changing discordant visuals, fleeting visual illusions, and
ambiguous yet subtle visual and behavioral distinctions between friend
and foe are entirely intentional.

In-game instructions are intentionally vague and are meant to allow the user to explore the space and figure out the patterns of how the crowd behaves and how they affect you. (Hint: look at the writing on the wall.)

With each friend that you bring back, the world moves at a faster and faster pace.

SEIZURE TRIGGER WARNING: The rapidly flashing patterns in this game may give you seizures if you have photosensitive epilepsy.

Made in 72 hours for #CGAJam (Theme: Always Faster, aesthetics: 4-color CGA Palette 1) and #SlamJam (Theme: "Fringe").

For more info on the game jams: CGA Jam  and Slamdance Jam

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For best results, do not read the instructions and tips below:

  • Use WASD or Arrow keys to move. Spacebar to jump.
  •  Find friends. Get them to follow you back to the heart at the bottom of the map. You to bring 5 friends back to the heart to win. For each friend you bring back to the heart, the game will move at a faster pace.
  •  Friends and trolls both look the same from afar and both blend into the background. Look at the words that shoot out of their mouths and are reflected on their bodies to discern who they are.
  • Get up very close to a stranger to temporarily see their true colors.
  • Friends will also make a *friendly sound* when close enough.
  • Words stick to you if you bump into them. Discouraging remarks slowly drain your #YOLO. Positive remarks slowly restore your #YOLO. When your #YOLO goes down to 1% or less, your movement will be crippled, and nobody will follow you.
  • You can remove all words that are stuck to you by going to the heart. Visiting the heart will also bring you to full #YOLO.
  • Words can block or slow down friends and trolls alike. Words are heavy, but eventually fade.
PlatformsWindows, macOS
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Tagsart-game, cga, elvis, Retro


Windows 64-bit 15 MB
macOS 29 MB

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