A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Challenge your visual perceptiveness and manual dexterity by hunting a well camouflaged white mouse hidden in a scintillating landscape among striped snakes. This skill-based arcade action game wickedly twists together "Where's Waldo", classic snake game, and optical illusions. There are ten levels - ten different snakes to feed for snacktime.

(The screenshots don't do the game justice - everything is in motion and in flux in the game.)

This game was made for CGAJam, a game jam where games must be purely in a 4-color CGA palette and use 8-bit chiptunes for audio/music. Check out my other #CGAJam game also: Where Seldom is Heard

The game jam themes used are:

  • Always Faster: With each level, you control a faster and more maneuverable snake.
  • History Repeats: Snakes from previous levels repeat the movements you used when you played those levels. The mouse also repeats the same movements it performed in previous levels.

Tip: follow the previous snakes to know where the mouse will be. The blood splatters are where the mouse has previously died. Wait there and let the mouse come to you


  • Steer Snake Counterclockwise/Clockwise: Hold Left and Right Arrow keys, or A and D keys.
  • Jump: Spacebar
  • Restart game: R key
  • Quit: Escape key

Tools Used: Unity, Blender, BeepBox, Gimp, Audacity.

Video playthrough courtesy of Alpha Beta Gamer.


Mac 17 MB
Windows 14 MB


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Excellent game. I'm surprised I did so well that mouse was really hard to see.


I thought the visuals would bother me, but nah. It was all good.  The mouses Ai is a jerk

HEHEHE. Here's a secret: the mouse's AI is just "randomly pick a spot and walk to it. Repeat." The mouse has no idea about the snakes, except for being slowed down by physics collisions with the snake the first time through. The mouse always walks exactly the same path in each level too because it records it the first time around, and then plays it back in subsequent levels.