A downloadable keyboard utility

Update: The first beta testing period is over, and the beta download is expired. Thank you to all who participated! The next beta release download will be out soon.

This app adds responsive audio feedback to your keystrokes, for a better typing experience.

Just start it up, choose a set of sounds, and let it run in the background while you type or code in other applications.

Choose from 20 different sets of sounds to make your keystrokes have the desired audio/emotional impact, including:

  • Typewriter/mechanical keyboard sounds for a crisper, more responsive typing experience
  • Applause or clapping sounds as you type, for motivation and support
  • Monstrous growling keystroke sounds to help you express your rage
  • Cute squeaking sounds to make you smile
  • Melodic or dissonant keystrokes on Marimbas, Vibraphones, or Grand Piano to give your typing some atmosphere
  • Gory blood-splatter sounds for typing/coding up a massacre
  • Firework sounds for celebratory typing
  • Burping keystrokes, obviously a core requirement of any typing program

I'd appreciate any test feedback or bug reports. Please use the Beta Test Feedback Form to submit feedback, or post in the comments here. Thank you for participating in the beta test!

Published 21 days ago
StatusIn development
TagsCute, Funny, typing


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This is so cool!


Love it <3