A downloadable keyboard utility for Windows

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This app adds responsive audio feedback to your keystrokes, for a better typing experience.

Choose from 20 different sets of sounds to make your keystrokes have the desired audio/emotional impact, including:

  • Typewriter/mechanical keyboard sounds for a crisper, more responsive typing experience
  • Applause or clapping sounds as you type, for motivation and support
  • Monstrous growling keystroke sounds to help you express your rage
  • Cute squeaking sounds to make you smile
  • Melodic or dissonant keystrokes on Marimbas, Vibraphones, or Grand Piano to give your typing some atmosphere
  • Gory blood-splatter sounds for typing/coding up a massacre
  • Firework sounds for celebratory typing
  • Burping keystrokes, obviously a core requirement of any typing program

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Buy Now$4.20 USD or more

In order to download this keyboard utility you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.20 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Could we please get a paper shuffling effect added?

You can actually add sound files yourself and add them to the configuration if you know or learn the simple JSON (Javascript object notation) format.

1. The sound configurations are stored in a text file called "AudioSets.json". I don't know where exactly windows will install Sound Typist on everyone's machine - you'll have to do a search for it. For me, the file is in this folder:


2. Copy your audio files (.wav format) to the Sounds/Misc subfolder under the Resources folder. Make sure they're named very simply and have no spaces for funky punctuation in them. You can get lots of sounds at freesound.org. If you can edit audio files (i.e. using Audacity), make sure you remove any silence in the beginning of the audio file first to increase responsiveness.

3. Edit AudioSets.json in a text/code editor. You can copy one of the blocks of text in there for the existing sounds, and customize it with the filenames of your own sounds, and the name & title. You can also adjust the min/max volume and pitch for some random variation.

4. Quit and restart Sound Typist, and your sounds should show up in the choices.

Alternatively, if you don't want to edit the AudioSets.json, you can simply replace any of the existing .wav files with your own .wav files.


Whoa! this is super fun!

Love this to bits. I'm using the Growls SFX to type this.


Its so cool! Just started using it. Gonna fill the feedback form after I use it for a while


This is so cool!


Love it <3