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The brutal Onion Empire has been relentlessly trying to conquer and enslave the entire vegetable world. As a vegetable commando, you're the resistance's last best hope in ending this bitter war.

Play as one of three different vegetable commandos, and fight through procedurally-generated battlefields scarred with desperate trenches and pockmarked with ever increasing artillery craters to reach the mysterious onion general who has been leading the Onion forces.

7DRL: I made the game in 7 days for the 7DRL Challenge 2023 game jam, where participants try to make a roguelike game in a week. I approached this by making a modern non-traditional real-time action adventure with vegetables at war with each other. Trenches are pretty much dungeons with open tops that you can jump out of and duck down into for protection. I wanted to explore what it was like to have a proc-gen dungeon that dynamically changes over time.

Note for the original game jam version: The settings menu and the quit button on the title screen don't work - press ESC to quit. 

POST-JAM TO-DO: There's a lot that I didn't get to make before the 7 jam days were up for me. There is no ending, no onion general boss, and no leveling up like I had originally planned. Also the were no shovels and tomato grenades - which the player would have used to carve their own trenches/craters too. There were also 2 other enemies (garlic and hot chili pepper) I made but they didn't make it into the final build for the jam. I didn't test beyond the 4th battle zone either, because my character always died in that zone.

2023-03-17: Post-Jam update (v1.1.0) adds more polish, quality-of-life, digging, and damaging artillery.

For credits and attributions, please see the credits_and_attributions.txt file in the download.


MoveWASD/Arrow keys
JumpSpacebar (hold to jump higher)
FireLeft click
ReloadR key. Your weapon will automatically reload also if there is not enough loaded ammo to fire
SneakShift to toggle sneaking. Use it to sneak behind enemies and attack. Firing, jumping, or reloading will exit sneak mode.
Slow Motion / Bullet TimeRight click to toggle. Pick up blue lightning bolts to recharge some time. (Unfortunately, I didn't make it this regenerate on its own and the pickups are too rare.)
Quit game
(Pause/Menu in v1.1.0)

TRIVIA: I sketched up the characters, guns, hatch in OpenBrush in VR, and then I cleaned them up, rigged/animated them in Blender, and brought them over to Unity. See the screenshots to see some of the characters that didn't make it into the final build.

Secret: You  can press the 'C' key to cause more artillery fire / craters on the map. The position of the artillery is random though, so for big maps it is hard to know that it happened.


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Did a gameplay video for your game.

Thank you for playing and making a video!


Made a video


Thanks again for playing & making a video!

We were happy to play it 


I love the vegetables who go into battle, they are cute yet reliable.

I played all three characters, but the daikon, with its long range, was the easiest to use.

I really like the mechanics of the bean gun, and I like that when you hit a bullet, it is reflected in the graphics.

But why are the vegetables having such a hard time, as they did in "Monstronto Labs - Veggie Deathtrap"?

But I LOVE the veggies that put their lives on the line!


Wow! Great playthroughs. You made it farther in the game than anyone else I've seen. Thank you for playing!

I'm vegan and don't like hurting animals, so I give the vegetables a hard time :)

Post-Jam build v1.1.0 is out! Digging, damaging artillery, polish, and more!

(5 edits)

Developer's Note: There's a lot I didn't get to make during the 1-week jam, but the game should still offer plenty of engaging gameplay and replay value. I know this because I also spent too much time playing and enjoying it instead of working on adding other planned features.

The settings menu and the quit button on the title screen don't work, but you can press ESC any time to quit.

What I didn't get to: There is no ending (if you reach zone 12), no mysterious onion general boss, and no leveling up like I had originally planned. There were also 2 other very cool enemies I made but they didn't make it into the final build for the jam (the chili pepper and the garlic enemies). And I didn't test really beyond the third battle zone. The artillery/mortars don't do any damage to the player - they just alter the ground/trenches, making it harder to follow the trenches. I didn't get to make the razor wire obstacles and sandbags, or shovels/grenades to slowly dig/blast your own trenches.  If I get to work on the game after the jam, that's the to-do list.

It's very playable though even though there's no final victory condition implemented yet. (If you make it to zone 12, I'd consider that a victory, based on the background story. I've only made it to zone 4 before the onions defeat me.

Replayability: The game allows for different approaches to dealing with the enemies and the trenches. Try all 3 character archetypes - they're all different from each other. Try sneaking (shift key to toggle) up behind the enemies and shooting them. Try using the bullet time / slow motion (right click to toggle). Try running across the exposed top of the battlefield to take shortcuts. Try exploring the depths of the proc-gen trenches.

I forgot to remove this, but you can press the 'C' key to create extra craters dynamically. Have fun!