A Lullaby of Colors (formerly known as Chromesthesia) - major updates

Chromesthesia is now called A Lullaby of Colors. This name change comes along with a flood of new features and polish that will give you an even more blissful psychedelic relaxation experience!

New features in version 1.1.0 (now available):

  • Endless landscapes! Now there is no edge of the landscape - it just keeps going on forever! This allows you to have a much more mesmerizing experience, where you can just fly in a direction forever and bliss out.
  • Slower bouncing spheres: The bouncing spheres now move a bit more slowly, so you'll always be able to move faster than them and catch them to portal to the next area. Don't worry about losing track of the bouncing spheres as you fly endlessly along the newly limitless landscapes - more will appear as you fly farther.
  • Adjustable view distances! You can now select from near, medium, and far view distances for performance and immersion. For older/weaker computers, selecting the near view distance can help performance greatly. It requires a restart to apply the new view distance.
  • Touch the clouds! Every Youtuber whom I've seen play the game has tried to fly through the clouds, only to bump their heads on the invisible ceiling. With this update, the height ceiling has been lifted, and you can now fly through and above the clouds. Very nearby clouds will now even temporarily shrink away as you fly through them, so that they don't block your view.
  • Updated VR Controls! The game now supports seated and standing VR play styles by adding controls for you to rotate the view left and right 45 degrees with a horizontal swipe on the Vive Wand touchpad, or left/right press on the Oculus Touch stick. Now you can fly backwards - useful for backing away from a ball or capsule, or getting a wider view.
  • Impact ripples! When a ball bounces on the landscape or when you bump into the landscape, it will now squish down and ripple softly.
  • Smoother collisions! Now you can glide/slide along the landscape much more smoothly, without feeling each bump.
  • So many performance optimizations!  Now it even works nicely on my six-year-old Macbook Pro laptop with the right settings.

What's with the new name?

  • A Lullaby of Colors is a much more fitting name for this experience that is designed to relax you with colors and sounds.
  • No one could pronounce or remember Chromesthesia. Most people don't know what Chromesthesia means (a condition in which you hear colors, or see sounds).
  • There were some other games with a very similar title, and I wanted to differentiate it.

I hope you enjoy this update! Have a blissful time!

P.S. Youtubers/Streamers - for a free download key, simply DM me: @andyman404 on Twitter


Windows (SteamVR) 96 MB
Oct 12, 2018
Windows (non-VR) 96 MB
Oct 12, 2018
Mac (non-VR) 108 MB
Oct 12, 2018

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Awesome work. I am excited to see the ripple effect.