A Lullaby of Colors is now available for Oculus Quest!

A Lullaby of Colors is now available for Oculus Quest as a sideload .APK! "Sideloading" is a way of installing apps onto the Oculus Quest that don't come from the official Oculus Quest store. For more instructions, see below.

Note: If you've previously purchased A Lullaby Of Colors, then you can download the Oculus Quest version without any extra cost.

If you have not purchased A Lullaby of Colors yet, then you can buy it using the button on the bottom of this page.


The easiest way to sideload it is through a desktop app called SideQuest. Here's how:

  1. Configure your Oculus Quest in Developer mode and install SideQuest.
  2. Turn on your Oculus Quest, and plug it into your desktop/laptop after it is ready.
  3. Run SideQuest on your computer, and drag the downloaded A Lullaby of Colors APK file into the top left corner of SideQuest to install it onto the Oculus Quest.
  4. To launch A Lullaby of Colors, navigate to the Library on the Oculus Quest, select"Unknown Sources" on the left, look for "A Lullaby of Colors" on the right, and run it.


Oculus Quest (sideload .APK) 123 MB
Jul 19, 2019

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