v1.2.2 for Oculus Quest

The new version of A Lullaby of Colors for Oculus Quest, v1.2.2 now works properly after the latest Oculus Quest firmware update in the week of July 22, 2019. If you have an existing build for the Oculus Quest, you should download and install this latest version if the controller buttons are not responding properly.

The recent Oculus Quest firmware update makes Oculus Quest think that many of the sideloaded apps are for Oculus Go, and will try to run them in an Oculus Go emulation mode, which prevents these Oculus Quest controls from working properly. This update makes sure that A Lullaby of Colors is not run in the Oculus Go emulation mode.


Oculus Quest (Sideload APK) 142 MB
Jul 26, 2019

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