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This is a blissful psychedelic relaxation experience made for both VR and non-VR.

Treat yourself to this virtual refuge from the real world with procedurally generated realms of gentle sounds, sweet-tasting colors, and breathtaking beauty.

Find and catch the bouncing spheres to visit different worlds. Find the perfect place to relax and watch the virtual world go by. There are no enemies, quests, guns, or puzzles. There is no objective other than to relax and enjoy.

Inspired by "Wave For Me" Famicase 2018 Cover by Michael Shillingburger (@shillingburger).

For VR: This game requires SteamVR to be running before you start the game, HTC Vive or Oculus Rift set up in roomscale mode, and handheld VR controllers (Vive Wands or Oculus Touch).


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Windows (For SteamVR) 97 MB
Windows (non-VR) 96 MB
Mac (non-VR) 111 MB

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scary game

I loved this! It was so calming and a great experience! Good job!


Played a bit of this on my channel! Really enjoyed it. :D


Thank you for the video!


Very cool. It has a very relaxing and calming feel to it and I can't imagine how awesome it must be in 3D.


I love games like this that aren't really games at all, more like interactive experiences. =)


defently one of the most visually strikinggame of AGBIC 2018. It can with the help of the music be pretty effective to cool someone down


Hello, another brilliant game from you, i played it in 2D unfortunately for me, I can only imagine how mesmirising it is in VR. I made a video of some of the games I liked from the AGBIC jam and included yours, i hope you don't mind!

Thank you for the great videos and covering AGBIC!


impressive! I'm playing this just before bedtime ;) there is something deeply addicting in wanting to find out what is next, what the next ambience will be and yet at the same time very relaxing cause you want to stay and enjoy the one you're listening at the moment.


Thank you!


This is trance inducing. One area I entered had almost no movement and the music was ommmmmmmmm. I just stopped and stared. This game is not to be played while driving a car or operating heavy machinery.


:)  Yeah it's definitely a game for vegging out and drooling! I spent way too much time just zoning out and staring at the landscapes while developing the game.

this game is definitely not like anything there was ever created :D